Traveling to Dominican Republic? Here the prepaid mobile options

Roaming Dominican Republic

Summer is coming and maybe your plans this year is a trip to Dominican Republic. And, despite vacation time is to stay away from daily routine you will feel the urge to upload these fantastic pics ASAP. Oh, but social networks need data, and roaming is expensive. So your best bet to save big money is to get a prepaid mobile plan from the local networks.

The Networks

There are three mobile operators in the DR: Claro, Altice and Viva. All have 2G, 3G and 4G available nationwide. You can buy a SIM from 3rd party dealers, promotional stands, online, or on the official stores located on main cities.

All the providers have 4G LTE, 3G HSPA+ and old 2G EDGE. You will not get CDMA coverage so your device must be GSM/LTE based.

The prices

From all three networks you will get data at reasonable prices. The cheapest is Viva followed by Altice and Claro in the exact same point on data price and allotment. Viva is virtually unlimited but they can block you or degrade the spped if necesary to avoid abuse. Altice and Claro give the client a fixed data allotment withblock at depletion.


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